Deep tissue therapy involves slow intensive strokes, deep pressure or friction to specific muscle groups and their surrounding tissues. This is mostly used to work out “knots” in the muscle Deep tissue massage aids in the restoration of range of motion and mobility to injured tissue. It also helps form healthy, pliable scar tissue.



Smooth, polished basalt lava stones are heated in water, then oiled and used as an extension of the Massage Therapist’s hands. Together with Swedish Massage techniques, the warm stones impart their penetrating heat, relaxing the body to its deepest level. The benefits of this therapy include deep relaxation, continuous heat therapy, increase relief of stressed muscles, improves detoxification, and improves circulation. Hot stone therapy sessions last approximately 1.25 hours.



Swedish massage is what most people think of when massage is mentioned. It is a relaxing style using long strokes, kneading and passive movements. This style promotes deep relaxation, relieves general muscle tension, and increases circulation of blood and lymph.



This 3 hour course will teach you stretching techniques proven to relieve chronic pain, improper posture, and enhance athletic performance for amateur athletes and weekend warriors. Group sessions and individual sessions available.


Sports mASSAGE

Sports Massage is often based on Swedish massage and uses techniques such as deep tissue work, cross-fiber friction, trigger points and stretching. It enhances the removal of metabolic wastes and relieves muscle soreness caused from workouts or competition.

Sports massage helps athletes prepare physically and mentally for performance, reduces risk of injury, and facilitates recovery after competition. It can enhance an athlete’s sport performance potential and extend their career.

We offer sports massage sessions specifically designed for each individual athlete and where they are in their specific training. 

We have extensive experience providing sports massage to weekend warriors, world class and professional athletes at numerous events including:

athletes relaxation massage before sport event, marathon muscles massage