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By I. Bozep. Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Despite this unique attribute of healthcare consumers buy carafate 1g low price, healthcare organizations have failed to perceive consumers in this manner buy cheap carafate 1g online. The tradi- tional notion that individuals are not true consumers of health services until they become sick has hampered the development of marketing in health- care. Thus, health- care providers made no attempt to develop relationships with nonpatients. They were not considered paying customers until they presented them- selves for treatment. Major industries have developed around prevention, fitness, and lifestyle management. The marketers of food products and household goods make the assumption that virtually everyone must have a need (or at least 32 arketing Health Services a want) that could be exploited. In fact, if consumers do not need baking soda to cook with, they can be encouraged to put it in the refrigerator to reduce odors. Marketers in other industries do not wait for a decision point to occur to address the potential needs of the consumer population. When the time comes to make a purchase, the intent is to have a consumer pre- pared to become not just someone’s customer but their customer. Would it not be a waste of marketing resources to solicit business from individuals who do not need your goods or services? How do you con- vince someone to undergo heart surgery if they do not have heart prob- lems? These questions reflect some misconceptions about healthcare that need to be addressed. First, a misconception of what constitutes health- care products exists: one immediately thinks of "heroic" surgical proce- dures, trauma care, and other life-saving efforts or conditions that typically occur unexpectedly and require an immediate response and the infusion of extensive resources on the part of the healthcare system.

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Regarding the suprarenal glands: (a) The superior suprarenal artery is a branch of the inferior phrenic artery discount carafate 1g without a prescription. The IVC: (a) is formed at the level of L5 by the confluences of the right and left common iliac veins cheap 1g carafate with amex. Regarding the lymphatic system: (a) The internal structure of nodes can sometimes be assessed on high resolution CT. The ascending lumbar veins connect the segmental lumbar veins which drain the vertebral venous plexuses into the IVC, and extend as far caudally as the lateral sacral veins and iliolumbar veins. Regarding the diaphragm: (a) In the midline the crura join to form the lateral arcuate ligament. It passes through the retrocrural space with the aorta to become the thoracic duct. The rectrocrural space is bounded laterally by the crura, anteriorly by their fused median arcuate ligament and posteriorly by the vertebral body of T12. Concerning the pelvic floor: (a) The pelvic diaphragm is inferior to the superficial muscles of the perineum. Concerning the nerves of the pelvis: (a) The sacral plexus is anterior to the piriformis muscle. In the pelvis: (a) The umbilical artery anastomoses with the inferior epigastric artery in the adult. The internal pudendal artery and pudendal nerve exit the pelvis through the greater sciatic foramen and enter the perineum through the lesser sciatic foramen. In the pelvis: (a) The urachal remnant forms the median umbilical ligament passing from the apex of the bladder to the umbilicus. Concerning the male urethra: (a) The posterior urethra is divided into the prostatic and spongy parts. Regarding the prostate: (a) The anterior wall of the prostate lies in the arch of the pubis separated from it by retropubic space.

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Regarding imaging of the spine: (a) The attenuation of fat is higher than that of cerebrospinal fluid on computerized tomography cheap 1g carafate amex. Concerning the vertebral column and the vertebra: (a) Cervical and lumbar lordoses are primary curves present at birth effective 1g carafate. Anterior – anterior longitudinal ligament, anterior annulus fibrosus and anterior part of the vertebral body; middle – posterior longitudinal ligament and posterior annulus fibrosus on each side; posterior – neural arch and posterior longitudinal ligamentous complex including the interspinuos ligament. The articular processes project superiorly and inferiorly from the junction of the pedicle and lamina. Regarding the intervertebral disc: (a) The intervertebral disc forms a secondary cartilaginous joint between adjacent vertebrae. In the spine: (a) The internuclear cleft develops during fetal life to differentiate into the central nucleus pulposus and the peripheral annulus fibrosus. Concerning ligaments of the vertebral column: (a) The anterior longitudinal ligament extends from the basiocciput to the anterior surface of the upper sacrum. With increasing age, the disc undergoes progressive dehydration with loss of height and is replaced by fibrocartilage by 80 years of age. The anterior longitudinal ligament is attached firmly to the vertebral bodies and less firmly to the discs. Above C7 it continues as ligamentum nuchae and inserts into the external occipital protuberance. Regarding vertebral venous plexuses: (a) The internal venous plexus runs in the body of the vertebra. Regarding the vertebrae: (a) The ossification centres appear at the eighth week of gestation. In the thoracic and lumbar regions they are orientated laterally, and lateral radiographs are appropriate to demonstrate them. On axial section at the level of the facet joint the superior articular facet is anterior to the joint. The other cervical vertebrae are supplied by segmental branches from the costocervical, thyrocervical trunks and vertebral arteries. The thoracic and lumbar parts of the vertebral column are supplied by segmental aortic branches.

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